First Birthday cake fun

It was messy, there was confusion and many tears, but in the end Marcus’ smash cake photo shoot was a success.

His mum was covered in as much icing in the end. Marcus was not happy about his dirty hands, and kept trying to flick off the icing.

My son who was watching the photo shoot kept saying “I’ll do it, I’ll smash up the cake” Yes but a 9 year old making a mess of a cake is no where near as cute as a 12 month old! With his part Chilean background, mum Carmen was adamant on the colours, stripes & stars. We matched up the balloons, cake & blue album to complete the theme.

In the end, we have created a gorgeous leather bound book of photos, featuring Marcus in his cake mess glory – the tears & the smiles. I’m sure he’ll find it funny in a year or two. Happy Birthday little man xo

leather bound portrait digital album boxed first birthday smash cake photo album smash cake photo smash cake first birthday photo first birthday smash cake photo happy baby first birthday cakeIf you’re interested in creating a smash cake photo shoot for your little one, give us a call. Its suitable for 12 months to 2 year olds. We provide the cake, the balloons, advise on costumes & colours & clean up the mess afterwards! Call on 02 9591 5030 or email to book your session.

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